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Eye Care Out Loud

Jun 28, 2018

In this inaugural episode, Darrell White, MD, gives the background of how he came to be’s first podcaster, starting out from blogging, to The Dry Eye columnist to podcaster. While becoming known as’s dry eye disease expert, he delves into his background as an anterior segment ophthalmologist with a cross-interest in business and the ongoing arc of his career.

  • Disclaimer :09
  • Introduction: “You have been reading my blog posts, haven’t you?” 1:00
  • It’s great you’re a dry eye expert, but do you still operate? 2:22
  • Who am I and why should you care what I think? 2:51
  • The arc of an ophthalmology career 3:23
  • Starting out in private practice 3:57
  • How did I get into ophthalmology? 4:45
  • Thinking about the intersection between health care and commerce 9:10
  • Finding your voice by taking care of patients 10:40
  • Lessons learned starting a private practice during an economic recession 11:59
  • Demographics are on the side of the ophthalmologist 13:25
  • Making the connection between industry and patient care 14:34
  • Let’s have a conversation about ideas 14:38