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Eye Care Out Loud

Jun 28, 2018

In episode 2, Darrell White, MD, gives his opinion on conflicts of interest in ophthalmology. From pens given out by companies to selecting which IOL to use, he puts into context what potential conflicts of are compared with what could be called true conflicts of interest and how it is affecting eye care and medical practice in general.

  • Disclaimer :09
  • Introduction :25
  • White’s personal financial disclosures and consulting agreements 2:02
  • The state of eye care and medicine and what conflict of interest truly means 3:29
  • Starting with the “absolutely ridiculous bordering on asinine rules” 3:47
  • Ball point pens, penlights and more 3:54
  • Lunch provided to staff by industry 6:10
  • Defining potential conflicts of interest 11:16
  • Is profit a conflict of interest? 12:00
  • Conflict of interest in the exam room 14:26
  • Fluoroquinolones and conflicts 16:05
  • IOL choice and potential conflicts 17:32
  • “It’s not a slippery slope; it’s a cliff” 20:33