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Eye Care Out Loud

Jun 28, 2018

In Episode 3, Darrell White, MD, discusses how he modeled his new private practice after a “customer-centered” approach. He did not benchmark any medical practices but instead modeled it after successful retail and hospitality enterprises that were known for creating the best customer experience. He sold his employees on the concept by doing “secret shopper” style field trips with his entire staff and sometimes their spouses. 

  • Disclaimer :09
  • Introduction :25
  • The SkyVision Story :35
  • An idea sparked while being sidelined with injury 1:21
  • Starting a customer-centered organization 3:30
  • Looking not at other medical practices but businesses centered around customer 4:50
  • Aside from great outcomes, what sets a practice apart? 7:39
  • The two things that allowed us to put this into action 11:35
    • Reviewing the Toyota manufacturing model and how it can be applied to a patient moving through a clinic 12:00
    • Getting staff buy in to the concept: The SkyVision Consumer Service Field Trip 15:14