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Eye Care Out Loud

Jun 28, 2018

In Episode 4, Darrell White, MD, discusses how and why transparency and price elevation has become so entwined in health care in the U.S. He discusses the impact of these issues on cataract surgery, and what can be done in to address some of the transparency – or the lack thereof – and pricing issues that have become deleterious to the private practice cataract surgeon.

  • Disclaimer :09
  • Introduction :25
  • A Colorado law says all health care providers of any type must post their prices :35
  • Thoughts on transparency in medicine and price elevation in medical care in the U.S. 1:00
  • Let’s discuss the role of the chargemaster in determining pricing 3:00
  • The Relative Value Unit makes its way into pricing 4:47
  • The gag clause in payer contracts and its impact on private practice 9:09
  • Back to the Colorado law 10:47
  • Why we can’t publicize our base price for cataract surgery, explained 14:01
  • What we can do 20:38