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Eye Care Out Loud

Dec 20, 2018

In this episode, Darrell White, MD, continues his analysis of the impact of electronic medical records (EMR), also known as electronic health records (EHR) on private ophthalmic practices.    

Disclaimer :09

Introduction :20

Financial disclosures :36

The impact of implementing an EMR at SkyVision 1:39

Lessons learned from being forced into change 3:50

Would engineers design a cockpit on a fighter jet without having flown in one? 4:45

The spoken word should be the goal in the next generation of EMRs 5:55

Once the focus shifts from the patient to the screen, the quality of that experience plummets 8:20

Can we find a way to have the same medical record on every platform? 9:10

Next, let’s go back and figure out who owns this mess 13:00

Have you ever tried to get a copy of a medical record from an EMR company? 21:00

Somewhere, somehow, some institution needs to say “enough” 23:20

The essence of medicine is finding the right story 24:49