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Eye Care Out Loud

Oct 7, 2020

In this episode, White shares the harsh truths about treating perioperative dry eye, including who, when and for how long. Spoiler: Treated dry eye leads to better outcomes.

  • Disclaimer :09
  • Intro :24
  • Treating dry eye around the time of cataract surgery and laser refractive surgery :36
  • This talk will focus on cataract surgery 1:04
  • Financial disclosures 1:26
  • The harsh truths about treating the perioperative dry eye 2:07
  • Harsh truth #1 3:11
  • Harsh truth #2 4:11
  • Harsh truth #3 13:25
  • Harsh truth #4 14:25
  • Harsh truth #5 17:17
  • Harsh truth #6 18:11
  • Take-home message 25:20

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Disclosures: White reports being a consultant to Allergan, Bruder, EyePoint, Eyevance, Kala, Novartis, Ocular Therapeutix, Omeros, Rendia, Sun and Tearlab; speaker for Allergan, Eyevance, Kala, Novartis, Omeros and Sun; and ownership in Ocular Science.