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Eye Care Out Loud

Apr 20, 2022

Join White as he discusses the burden cataract post-operative regimens place on both patients and staff, and ways to “stop the madness.” He also gives a history of cataract post-op and the breakthroughs that led to today’s most common regimens.

  • Disclaimer :09
  • Intro :24
  • Let’s talk about post-op drop regimens for cataract surgery :35
  • Financial disclosures :53
  • Asking specialists from around the country two important questions 1:40
  • Question 1: ”What is your definition of health?” 3:05
  • The “best” answer 3:47
  • Question 2: ”What is your perioperative cataract surgery drop regimen?” 4:12
  • The most common regimens 5:18
  • The rise in publications about using antibiotics inside the eye 9:23
  • “Revolutionaries” who stopped using steroids post-op to reduce patient drop burden 10:19
  • One drop of topical NSAID a day vs. steroids post-op 12:23
  • White’s study: moxifloxacin vs. moxifloxacin and dexamethasone 14:27
  • How can we get to a “dropless” situation? 17:40
  • Why are patients continuing with topical antibiotics when they’re also using intracameral antibiotic injections? 20:16
  • There should be fewer eye drops and medications in eye drops surrounding cataract surgery 22:05
  • “Stop the madness” - Reducing the post-op medication burden on both patients and staff 24:58
  • Outro 25:43

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Disclosures: White reports no relevant financial disclosures.